About Yameen (Gadget Guru)

‘Gadget Guru’ is an alias (I know shock horror!), first really adopted from my persona on BBC Radio Manchester & Lancashire slot on the Indus programme. As the resident ‘guru’ I deliver reviews and news on the gadgets/technology and gaming for a varied audience on broadcast radio. Having worked in R&D and software development, as a technical journalist, I try to bring to light the technology and innovation of newly released / to be released gadgets, tech, games and consoles.

I have always been fascinated by technology and love seeing and playing with the new and innovative gadgets, consoles and general cool tech. My love of games and technology probably started when I was very young and we got a Commodore 64, this got me hooked on all things techy. Natural love of game consoles and games spurred on with the development of what went from magic in a 5 year olds eyes to something an adult me would be inspired to work with.

Although a fair and impartial review and report is what I aim for especially when I am in front of a BBC microphone, I have been known to not shy away from jumping on the occasional hype train for new soon to be released devices/games/software, look through my blog posts for the latest one of these! However I look to always present the good and the bad, even if it means stepping off the hype train once in a while.