Nintendo give details on the Switch (Hardware)

Nintendo Switch Presentation Jan 13th (GMT) Hardware description

So Nintendo finally had their live stream from Tokyo. Where president Tatsumi kimishina was on hand to introduce us in more detail to Nintendos answer to the next generation of home games console. A console with a difference, rather than being just purely a home console (WiiU) or a console for portable gaming console (3DS), this console is both in one.

You can view my hands on experience at the Nintendo Switch event on youtube here

Key facts from presentation about the Switch:

  • Nintendo Switch will launch March 3rd 2017 for a US price of $299 and a UK price of £279
  • Two options on launch, both grey joycons or neon blue joycon L(eft) and neon red joycon R(ight), both pack options are the same price

  • Online service will be available for free as a trial, eventually leading to a pay for service, further details to be released soon. (include a smart device app)

  • No region lock on software

  • 3 modes of playing:
    • TV mode - play on the TV, whilst docked
    • Table top mode - use the kick stand to prop the Switch console up as your smaller screen, use the joycons unattached to play games
    • Handheld mode - joycons attached either side of screen, gamer plays individually in this setup
  • USB-C confirmed

  • Battery life 2.5hrs to 6 hrs depending on the game play and use

  • Wifi capable

  • Capacitive touch screen

  • Can connect upto 8 Switches for local play
  • Controllers:
  • Joycon L and R
    • Analogue control stick, with buttons for actions
    • Accelerometers
    • HD rumble - the ‘resolution’ of the haptic (vibration) feedback you get from the joycons is such that entire games can be played using just that.
  • Joycon R
    • has IR motion camera to detect hand gestures & distance
    • NFC reader for amiibo
  • Joycon L
    • has ‘share button’
  • Joycon grip, designed to slide and hold joycons whilst you play in ‘TV mode’
  • Pro controller - very much a classic gaming console style controller, looks like the WiiU equivalent