Zelda Breath of the Wild, rumoured to be a launch title for Switch

Zelda as a Nintendo Switch launch title ??

For some time the gaming world had come to terms with leaks from sources proven to be correct previously that the Nintendo Switch would launch without Zelda Breath of the Wild. Lura Kate Dale and Emily Rogers to name a couple had put fans dreams of embarking on a Hyrule adventure that little less likely on launch of Nintendo Switch. Now the same sources are indicating that the assertion of no Zelda at launch may be incorrect. Emily Rogers tweeted as did Laura Kate Dale that the switch is now looking more likely to launch with the AAA title, some doubt placed on whether this may be worldwide, but at this point in the game, it would be strange for Nintendo to try to pull of a staggered game release in territories. Indeed one of the earlier rumours was that the new console will forego region locking, making it possible for you to buy your game anywhere in the world and not worry about the device it will play on.

Many rumours come out all the time, I am not going to detail all, but this one is quite significant. Zelda at launch will give the new console a major boost. Zelda BotW will give the buying motivation that some consumers will be waiting for.

I actually cant wait for the event on the 12th Jan (13th Jan in UK, due to time differences), where I will finally get to play with now infamous Nintendo Switch and confirm/reject the rumours that have been flying about. Watch out for links to video and radio content relating to this here.